The Success of the Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig is a manufacturing company best known for its one-cup coffee makers, known as the K-Cup. This company was founded by Olaf Keurig in 1992, and acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2006. K-Cups are currently available in a variety of models designed for household and commercial use.

The Keurig K-Cup machines are designed to brew a single cup of any hot beverage. This is typically coffee, but K-cups can also make tea and hot chocolate. The machine heats up a measured quantity of water and a container that holds the brew material is inserted into the machine. The user presses a button and the hot beverage is ready within one minute. The K-Cup can also dispense just hot water.

According to My Cap (, the K cup system is very efficient and makes a great cup of coofee. The K-Cup container has a foil seal over its top. The machine has a spray nozzle that pierces this seal while piercing the bottom of the container with a discharge nozzle. The brew material is lies on a paper filter within the K-Cup container. The hot water passes through the filter on its way to the bottom of the container, brewing the hot beverage. The ideal temperature for the water is 192 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly below the boiling point of water.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has released its sales figures for the end of the 2011 fiscal year, which show that the K-Cup continues to gain in popularity. The sales revenue of the K-Cup increased by 104 percent over the previous fiscal year. The increase in sales volume accounted for 76 percent of the increase in revenue, while the increase in equipment costs accounted for the remaining 18 percent of the sales revenue increase. The sales volume increased by 59 percent during the 2011 fiscal year.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters provides additional facts on the K-Cup as of 2010. The K-Cup dispenses 2.5 million cups per day and accounts for 6 percent of all the coffee that is brewed in offices. K-Cups are installed in 200,000 locations throughout the United States.

The B44 is the Classic model of the K-Cup for household use. The B60 is the Special Edition, the B66 is the Ultimate Edition and the B70 is the Platinum edition. Commercial models of the K-Cup include the B140, B150, B155, B200 and B3000SE.

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