My-Kap Puts Less Plastic In The Dump

by Frank Dink

Keurig K-Cup packages are very popular. These are small, one serving cups that allow you to make one cup of coffee at time. That is the biggest reason that people love to use the K-Cup to make their coffee. They also allow you make sure that you get exactly the coffee that you want. If you want to have a flavored coffee and others don't, then you get what you want. You also get the freshest cup of coffee, because nothing sits waiting in the pot.

Keurig k-cups work by just popping them into the special coffeemaker. Then you get hot, fresh coffee. The K-Cups are available online, at many grocery stores, department stores, and office supplies stores like Office Depot. Many coffee shops also sell their own brand of K-Cups, so you can get your favorite coffee, even at home.

Even with all the great things about K-Cups, they also have one problem; making single cups of coffee in disposable cups uses a plastic cup. There are ways to reduce the waste, such as using permanent filters that you fill with your own ground coffee or using special reusable caps with an old K-cup. They are not as convenient as using the prepackaged K-cups but they save money and plastic. You simply empty the coffee grounds when done, rinse out the cup, refill, recap the cup and you are ready to reuse your cup.

You do not have to throw out the coffee grounds either (although they are biodegradable). Coffee grounds make great fertilizer for plants, so you can put them in your compost heap if you have one. You can also add coffee grounds to the soil for your houseplants. You can also use your used K-Cups as pots for seedlings or small plants for your garden or inside your home once you have reused them several times to make coffee.

Used K-Cups are also great for arts and crafts projects. They can be rinsed out and stored with the rest of your art supplies when you are done using them. Plug the hole in the bottom and they make a good paint container, stacking cup, or game piece. You can also find uses for them elsewhere in your home, such as the garage where they make excellent storage containers for crews, nails and other small items.

Reusing your Keurig K-Cups saves you money. The cost of each K-Cup is around fifty-fivecents, which can add up quick; but when you reuse the cups you can brew any kind of coffee in them that you like and refill them again and again. You can still make one cup at a time, but at a lower cost than buying new K-Cups every time.

Keurig K-Cups are the most convenient way to enjoy coffee. They ensure that your coffee is always fresh and you can brew a different kind of coffee every time if you like. While single disposable cups can create a lot of waste, you can cut down on the waste by reusing your cups and finding new purposes for your used K-Cups. So, save money and enjoy your coffee in a more environmentally friendly way.

Information on the My-Kap and for reusing Keurig k cups. You never know who has a little tidbit on coffee or brewing that will help you make a better cup of coffee.